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A Natural Approach To Taming Coronavirus?

There Are More Lifeforms Living On Your Skin Than People On The Planet, PBH Network.

Think about this. We share quite a bit. It keeps us healthy too. At some point we need to interact.

It’s Nature’s path.

Opening back up. It’s going to happen.

Get Off Your Behind

A continued, sensible approach to dealing with Coronavirus is a must on the front line going forward.


Some can interact with caution. Others should continue distancing for everyone’s safety. Some shouldn’t be out, but will.

Know where you fit. Know how you feel.

Get On The Front Line

Time to restart our economy!

Click HERE to Get On The Front Line.

Ed Bertha
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Burns & Bertha

Burns & Bertha

Ed Bertha (941)-921-2117 relocated to Sarasota from Pittsburgh, PA in 1982 and has a deep understanding of the market’s idiosyncrasies and dynamics. Kim Burns (215) 499-0444 moved to Sarasota from Philadelphia, PA in 2015 and her holistic approach to occupational therapy from her practice up north incorporates a low-stress atmosphere to the real estate process.

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