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Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables

Memorize these steps and you can roast any veggie you have sitting on the counter or in the crisper drawer.

Temperature and times may vary, but the same general rules apply to roasting every vegetable, from sweet potatoes to bell peppers. Just make sure to line your sheet with parchment paper!

Step 1: Cut into bite size pieces
Step 2: Toss with oil and season
Step 3: Give the pieces some space
Step 4: High heat, watchful eye
Step 5: Don’t remove too early

Size of vegetables and temp will determine how long it takes, but these oven temperatures are a good gauge: 425, 400, 450 find out what temp works best for you. Cook one type of vegetable at a time, or combine similar types.

Sweet potato – 35 minutes
Brussels sprouts – 35 minutes
White potato – 30 minutes
Tomatoes – 30 minutes
Butternut squash – 25 minutes
Parsnip – 25 minutes
Eggplant – 25 minutes
Cabbage – 25 minutes
Carrots – 20 minutes
Broccoli – 20 minutes
Cauliflower – 20 minutes
Green beans – 20 minutes
Onion slices – 15 minutes
Bell pepper strips – 15 minutes
Okra – 12 minutes
Snap peas – 10 minutes
Zucchini – 10 minutes
Summer squash – 10 minutes
Sugar peas – 8 minutes

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