Flood History Website Provides Buyers and Homeowners A New Tool - Discover Suncoast Homes

Flood History Website Provides Buyers and Homeowners A New Tool

Is Flood IQ The Next Disruptive Real Estate Service?

Powerful Information Now At Your Fingertips.

Flood iQ is an interactive online tool that allows homeowners and homebuyers to understand their personal risk of flooding today and up to 15 years in the future. The tool uses advanced flood models developed by its team of expert data scientists, which incorporates public data and future sea level rise projections, to offer forecasts of current and future risks at an individual property and city level.

Flood IQ could become disruptive in that it provides data to the average homeowner or homebuyer to help them make the right decision.

Click HERE to access Flood IQ

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Ed Bertha relocated to Sarasota from Pittsburgh, PA in 1982 and has a deep understanding of the market’s idiosyncrasies and dynamics. Kim Burns moved to Sarasota from Philadelphia, PA in 2015 and her holistic approach to occupational therapy from her practice up north incorporates a low-stress atmosphere to the real estate process. Since founding Burns & Bertha Kim has departed to focus on her occupational therapy practice, but her methodologies are still used daily. 

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