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Emerging Trends In Real Estate 2020

Emerging Real Estate Trends 2020.

Where can investors research deals for the coming year? Find out in the Urban Land Institute’s latest report on emerging real estate trends. Austin, TX, is the top city for investing in real estate heading into 2020. Rounding out the top 5 are: Raleigh-Durham, NC; Nashville, TN; Charlotte, NC; Boston, MA. Tampa, FL comes in at #11.

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Tampa/St. Petersburg (in 11th place) stepped down a notch from a year ago, although with a thin margin separating it from the top 10. That is likely a distinction without much difference. What does make a difference, however, is that local market participants do not expect particularly strong investor demand for Tampa; their rating of such demand places it in 26th position, closely aligned with its 1.2 percent of national investment share in the 2016–2018 period, ticking up to 1.3 percent in early 2019. Similarly, Tampa is in 23rd place in development/redevelopment opportunities, although it does achieve 10th place in homebuilding prospects. What accounts for this? The Tampa focus group was enthusiastic about the area’s quality of life and talent pool, but saw real challenges in both physical infrastructure and “soft” infra-structure, including education, regional collaboration, and marketing.

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Ed Bertha relocated to Sarasota from Pittsburgh, PA in 1982 and has a deep understanding of the market’s idiosyncrasies and dynamics. Kim Burns moved to Sarasota from Philadelphia, PA in 2015 and her holistic approach to occupational therapy from her practice up north incorporates a low-stress atmosphere to the real estate process. Since founding Burns & Bertha Kim has departed to focus on her occupational therapy practice, but her methodologies are still used daily. 

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